PT. Harvestindo Purnamatex

PT. Harvestindo Purnamatex is a textile company that specializes in schiffli embroidery products. Founded in 2014, as a relatively new company we have been prioritizing on innovations and creativities to push the boundaries of embroidery-related products. A family-owned company, we have the privileges on engaging directly with our clients’ demands and needs, delivering experiences and goods that are unique to each of them.

We are located in Cianjur Regency, right in the middle of Bogor and Bandung, with the mindset of nurturing local labor so they can refine their work skill both as an employee and as a person. Ultimately proving to the world that products “Made in Indonesia” can compete internationally through national effort.


Our company is a joint dynamism between a textile factory owner with another individual whose expertise is in textile trading. The marriage between our two founders’ backgrounds give us the competitive edges to both excel in technical details of machineries and market demands and relationships.


Some of our key vision for the future of textile industry includes maximizing customers’ satisfaction, implementing professionalism in Indonesia’s textile industry, equalizing textile industry’s perception between manufacturers and traders, and nurturing local work force in order to improve life quality.


In order to achieve our long terms goals, we need to: innovate and produce goods with the highest standards achievable, nurturing a culture that cultivates employees’ creativities, establishing a safe and comfortable work place for employees, and emphasizing SYNERGY for all employees.